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Parenting For The Digital Age
Praise for Parenting for the Digital Age
"Bill Ratner offers that rare and old-fashioned thing that no hand-held device will ever make obsolete: a good old-fashioned story…along with a valuable antidote for getting back to what matters most: human relationships."
--Joyce Maynard, author of Labor Day
"Author and voice actor Bill Ratner…made a career out of lending his voice to some of the most aggressive advertising powerhouses around. But Ratner is also a dad. And his lifetime of work in the industry make his perspective a useful one."
--Stefanie Brown, TIME
"Lucid and thought-provoking."
--Jane Claire, Barnes & Noble Books
"The well-rounded and vast enthusiasm and curiosity about life of Bill Ratner…lends a very warm and up flavor of this book."
--Carol Smaldino, Huffington Post
"Lively and warm…A fine personal narrative."
--Kirkus Reviews
"Filled with encouragement and options for parents."
--Charlie Hall, Polygon.com
"A fantastic book with tips and techniques about parenting in today’s digital society but not boring and preachy as one might expect…The perfect book for any parent with a toddler to a teenager, a fun, fascinating read."
--Heather Janssen, The Crafty Mommy Blog
"Personal anecdotes and interviews with families that are as entertaining as they are thought provoking."
--Brianne Schaer, LifeInLA.com

Praise for Bill Ratner's writing
"More than just the premier voice-over talent in Hollywood today, Ratner writes with the subtlety and texture worthy of a literary fiction master."
--Brad Schreiber, Huffington Post
"Bill Ratner is one of the most enjoyable storytellers in Los Angeles."
--Gary Buchler, Producer, TheMoth.org
"From kindergartner entranced with disembodied voices on TV and radio…to voiceover stardom and family man…Bill Ratner’s life keeps bursting the confines of the ordinary…"
--Anita Frankel, Psychologist
"High-caliber storyteller."
--L.J. Williamson, L.A. Weekly
"A master storyteller…One of my favorite moments…is Ratner’s childhood memory of discovering the TV and how important those characters, those voices were…"
--Larry Pontius, Bitter Lemons
"Bill Ratner has been involved in the industry for most of his life, coming from a home where his dad was an ad executive for General Mills and helped personify the image of Betty Crocker for the world. Ratner has a way of bringing those images in his head into perfect focus."
--Bob Leggett, The Examiner
"He expertly guides us on a journey through not just his own life, but the kind of life that many in the creative and entertainment fields will recognize: early infatuation with all manner of media…and finally, pondering the sublime mysteries of life and human existence itself…"
--Joel Bellman, of Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors